Frequently Asked Questions


Will it lose suction?

Unlike a sticker that accumulates dirt, the Micro-Suction back can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth (water only) I have had some wallets for years now and they still suction like new! 


Will it stick to my case?

If your case is smooth (no ridges) and non-porous YES! Basically if you can stick a suction cup to it and there is an area about the size of a Credit Card then yes it will stick to your case. If Rub-atone/Sateen I have added a vinyl sticker to place on the case where you want to mount the wallet


How many cards will it hold?

It comes shipped to hold 1-2 cards, but can be easily stretched to hold up to 4 cards. This will take a few days, but I find if you stick +1 about half way inside overnight it will speed up the process of stretching it out. You can also fit 1-2 inside the cash sleeve, but they are harder to remove.
How do I clean it?

When your micro-suction becomes soiled you can easily clean with a damp rag or paper towel. Just get slightly wet and wipe off. Note: may need a few mins to air dry. DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICALS OR SOLVENTS TO CLEAN- ONLY WATER. See video below.

How well does it stick? Does it fall off?

It will NOT COME OFF from a simple fall or drop (assuming the back is clean and attached properly) and I have removed several times before I cleaned. The back is not pressure sensitive, can re bond repeatedly, and leaves no residue on the target surface.


How long does the stickiness/backing last?

The backing will last forever.The bonding time depends how much dust and dirt it accumulates when not attached to something. I have removed several times before I had to clean. But if I was to place it (unattached) in my pocket, I would have to clean from all the lint.


For the REAL technical people / testing results

Absorption Force on Stainless Steel at 24 hrs usage 6.08N / 50mm
Absorption Force on Glass at 24 hrs usage 6.37N / 50mm
Repetitive Adsorption Force on Stainless Steel after 240 uses 2.74N / 50mm
Repetitive Adsorption Force on Glass after 240 uses 3.04N / 50mm


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